Iron Rose Ranch’s goal is to breed and train competitive cutting horses through high quality mares.

Located in CarbondaSally_homele, Colorado we maintain a small band of elite broodmares which we cross on the most exciting stallions in the cutting world.

Comprised of 5,000 acres, including 3,500 acres dedicated to yearling cattle, our horses live and work at an altitude of 6,000 to 8,000 feet.  Our competitive horses train at Gonsalves Cutting Horse facility in Millsap.   We maintain a 3 month summer training program which exposes our band to fresh cattle and different terrain at various locations. We believe this exposure accelerates their training and experience as young horses.

Each year we have some prospects available for sale to customers who have, or have access to, appropriate training programs.

Reyzin the Cash

With multiple Championship titles to his name, Reyzin The Cash is now stamping his new legacy as a sire. His first limited foal crop will be 3 years of age in 2020 and we could not be prouder of what we are seeing. This stud is putting his mark on each and every one, demonstrating his cow sense and strength, as well as commanding presence.
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